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Favorite Places to Fly

Please tell us about your favorite places to fly kites.  After you submit your information the webmaster will add a map link (not everything is automated...)
Please keep in mind the following:

Two Federal Aviation Administration regulations apply to kites weighing less than five pounds:
  • No person may operate a kite in a manner that creates a hazard to persons, property or other aircraft.
  • Kite flying within five miles of an airport requires the approval of the airport.

There are more stringent regulations governing kites weighing more than five pounds. Check with the FAA.

Some localities have other laws and regulations governing kite flying. For example, some cities prohibit flying kites over public roads. Check with your local authorities before you fly.

If the site you submit is near an airport, it may be removed from the list.


Tell us about your favorite place to fly kites.

After submitting your favorite fly field, refresh the page to see it below.

Favorite Places