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Events from 2001

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2001 One Sky One World (OSOW)
The Minnesota Kite Society hosted the 16th annual One Sky One World, Kite Fly for Peace on Sunday October 14th, 2001. The event took place at Carl Sandburg middle school in Golden Valley, Minnesota and was attended by about 50 kite flyers.

2001 One Sky One World ‎(OSOW)‎

2001 Nakamuras Visit To Minnesota
In the second week of August 2001 the Minnesota Kite Society and the St. Paul - Nagasaki Sister City Organization were honored by a visit from Seikoo and Akiko Nakamura and Toshiaki Mishima. The Nakamuras are master kite builders and kite flyers from Nagasaki Japan. Mr. Mishima is the president of the Nagasaki - St. Paul Sister City Organization.

The Nakamuras Visit To Minnesota

2001 Flying Colors Kite Festival

2001 Flying Colors!

2001 Air Traffic Kite Exhibit

2001 Annual Meeting - Auction Items
Not pictured - Chinese miniature kites from Chen ZhaoJi

2001 Annual Meeting - Auction Items

2001 MKS Annual Meeting, Auction
Special thanks to Dave Gjerdingen for images and layout.

2001 MKS Annual Meeting and Auction

Contributors to our 2001 Annual Auction. MKS thanks you for your generous support.

Air Traffic

Boreal Kites

Buffalo Kite Company

John Chang

Mike Delfar

Drachen Foundation

Gomberg Kite Productions

Great Lakes Kitefliers Society

Cory Grossman

Owen Grossman

Tim Hansen

John Hanssen

Pam Hodges

Jerry Houk

Yuan Hsu

Into The Wind

Don Jaspers

Jack Jud

James Kahn

Bradley Klages

Paul Koepke

Nancy Lockwood

Barb Meyer

My Le Hoa Restaurant

Gloria Pope

Prism Kites

Julie Renner

Revolution Kites

Ken Runke

Charlie Sotich

Mike Stelmack

Peggy Teasley

Chen ZhaoJi

Trilby Kites

Wichita Windjamers