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10/05/2009 - AKA Convention - Rochester, MN

The Minnesota Kite Society was the host club for the 32nd American Kiteflier's Association (AKA) National convention. The convention was in Rochester, MN,  October 5th-10th.

The convention was a success even though attendance was down from past years. The weather was a little harsh, but the good times had with kiting friends from all over the world was great.

Here are some links about the convention. 
    Here are links to information and pictures from the kite building competition by Steve Ferrell of Kite Studio

     AKA pins from the daily mass ascensions on the fly field.
    Here are some pictures from Tom Cross's facebook albums.

    Tom's AKA Rochester


    Tom's AKA Rochester 2

    Here are some pictures from Dean's facebook albums.

    AKA Convention, Thur, Oct 8, 2009

    AKA Convention, Fri, Oct 9, 2009

    AKA Convention, Sat., Oct 10, 2009