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05/09/2009 - Kites Over Grinnell - Grinnell, IA

Here are pictures from Kites Over Grinnell, May 9th and 10th 2009. It was a fun weekend. Grinnell is a beautiful small town. This is an excellent kite festival with wonderful support from the community.

Saturday was a tough flying day. Very strong winds. 20-30 mph. Some people were able to put up some big kites.

Sunday was great. The winds were 5-15 mph.

Lots of great people. Over all a very good weekend.

Here are some pictures from Dean's facebook albums.

These pictures are all from Saturday.

2009 Kites Over Grinnell - May 9, 2009

Pictures from Sunday

2009 Kites Over Grinnell - May 10, 2009