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01/16/2010 - Arctic Fever Winter Celebration

January 16, 2010, MKS members were invited to fly kites at an event in Shorewood, MN called "Arctic Fever". By the time this event came up, the weather in the Twin Cities had become unlike the arctic and was downright balmy with the temperature reaching into the mid-30s. Even Brad flew which is unusual in the cold. The flying field was a fenced in baseball field which, unfortunately, had not been plowed. Event organizers have told us they will plow the field next year.

The event included Schutzhund dog demos, sled dogs, a kids' sledding hill, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, kite flying and a bonfire.

We had some flyers there. It was a difficult field to fly on. Snow was knee deep. Beautiful day to be out though and decent winds.

Here are some pictures from Dean's facebook album.

Arctic Fever Winter Celebration 1-16-10