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05/01/2010 - Bloomington Sister City Kite Day

"Kite Day" celebrates "Children's Day" in Japan.
(Izumi, Japan is Bloomington, MN's sister city.)

Kites to be available to people who come without one.

Prizes given for:

  • Best homemade kite
  • Best aeronautic kite
  • Best authentic Japanese kite
  • Live music by CODA and St. Olaf Taiko drummers
    Kite flying exhibition by Minnesota Kite Society

    Co-sponsored by City of Bloomington


    Here is a link to some pictures from the 2009 Kite Day on the Bloomington Sister City website.

    Here are some pictures from the Bloomington Sister City fly on Saturday, May 1, 2010.

    Bloomington Sister City - May 1, 2010