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02/20/2010 - Color the Wind - Clear Lake, IA

MKS members Larry and Kay Day from Clear Lake, Iowa hosted another awesome festival.  This was the 9th annual Color the Wind.  It takes place the 3rd Saturday in February.

Everyone should attend if you can, it's a great festival. Good times had by all.

Here is a link to the Color the Wind website. There are some spectacular pictures from the event on the site.

Craig Christensen provided the music and did the announcing.  Tom Cross displayed his Kite Memorabilia collection. There were numerous MKS members participating as fliers.

There were fliers from 8 states.

Here are some more excellent pictures from Chris Dodson.
Here is a link where you'll find photos of Color the Wind by David Bunkofske, Burt, Iowa.  http://dlbunk.zenfolio.com/p59308936

The 180GO! team performed with their Revolution kites throughout the day. 180 GO!, as part of the Illinois Kite Enthusiasts Club, is dedicated to promoting the joy and fun of kite flying. Here is a video of them at Color the Wind.

180GO at 2010 Color the Wind

Here are some pictures from Tom Cross's facebook album.

Tom's Color the Wind

Here are some pictures from Dean's facebook album.

2010 Color the Wind - Clear Lake, IA