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10/10/2010 - One Sky One World

Sunday, October 10 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Location Faud Mansour Sports Complex
2100 College View Rd
Rochester, MN

More Info One Sky One World promotes annual activities in concurrence with events in hundreds of locations around the world on the Second Sunday of Every October utilizing the multi-cultural symbol of the kite and the ocean of air that we all share. People are made aware of the kite’s contribution to cultural history, the arts and sciences through recognition and enjoyment of the kite, its many manifestations and the activity of kite flying as expressed in many nations and regions throughout recorded history. The art and entertainment activities associated with the One Sky One World event, leads community enjoyment, understanding and friendship between people, environmental awareness and promoting world peace.


Here is a link to a map of the Faud Mansour Sports Complex on bing.http://www.bing.com/maps/Default.aspx?encType=1&v=2&ss=ypid.YN454x243251734&style=r&mkt=en-us&FORM=LLDP

We will be flying on the two soccer fields closest to the big parking lot.

We had a beautiful sunny day for the Minnesota Kite Society's One Sky One World kite fly. Thanks to Craig for providing music for the fly!  Thanks to everyone that attended. We had a small group of fliers. Winds were light but for the most part steady.

Here are some pictures.

One Sky One World - Rochester, MN - Oct 10, 2010