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02/26/2011 - Annual Banquet and Auction

               Annual Meeting and Auction (MKS)
WhenSat, February 26, 3:00pm – 8:30pm
WhereCherokee Sirloin Room, 4625 Nicols Road, Eagan, MN (map)
DescriptionMKS annual meeting/banquet and auction.

The Annual meeting included:

Officers for 2011 are:
President: Tom Cross
Vice President: Dean Murray
Secretary: Brad Klages
Treasurer: John Kaulbars

Barb Meyer spoke to the group about the AKA and about her recent trip to India. She brought back some Indian fighter kites to share. She also brought a paper lantern kite that is flown in the evenings in India and a couple spools of manja, the glass coated kite string used for fighting for the club to check out.

Brad Klages read a letter from Marcus Young about the status of Wishes for the Sky. There will not be a 2011 Wishes for the Sky, the event will return in 2012.  This year the organizers will work on sponsorships and planning to bring it back.

Tom Cross addressed the group next thanking everyone for their participation in the club. He apologized for forgetting to bring the Lead Kite award...  A brief discussion happened about if Tom should keep the award by default or if Dean Murray should receive it for an incident in the 2010 St. Patrick's Day fly in Siren, WI. Dean's kite had been anchored after being loaned to a local flier and at the end of the day it had broken free and found a resting place in a large spruce tree next to the high school. With the use of his handy golf ball retriever the kite was retrieved.

Next Tom presented the Hod Taylor award to Ron Pegg and Peggy Teasley as a couple for their lifetime contributions to the MKS.  Congratulations Ron and Peggy!

Next Ken Wilkowski, Ken Runke and Paul Koepke ran the Live Auction putting on a great show.

Here is a slideshow of pictures from the annual meeting and banquet.

MKS Annual Meeting & Auction - Feb 26

Thank you to everyone that donated items to MKS for our annual auction. We really appreciate your support. This is the clubs biggest fund raising event, it helps keep us going.

Donations for the 2011 auction include:
(Check back, this web page will be updated as items and information becomes available.)

Donated by The Jungle Theater
2 tickets to Jungle Theater $70 Good any week evening performance 2011 season.

Donated by The Ordway Theater
2 Tickets Ordway $70 Value. Your choice between  Beijing Dance on Tuesday, April 5th  or  Tu Dance on Friday, May 6th. 

Donated by The Guthrie Theater
Backstage event passes.

Donated by Jasper Bound
Various pieces of pottery.

Donated by Luke McLain and Todd
Several cases of Homebrew Beer. (Very tasty!)

Donated by Peggy Teasley
Several mystery auction items. One of the items was a Japanese kite train, very nice.

Donated by G-Kites.com
Dave Gomberg donated a 50% Discount Certificate for G-Kites.com. The certificate will entitle you to a 50% discount on your order at their G-Kites web site. Must be used before June 30, 2011. GKPI has been supporting local kite events for more than 25 years. Here is a link to www.Gkites.com.

Donated by Nancy Lockwood
Nancy is working on a kite project she is calling Mardi Gras Parade for our auction. We will be posting pictures when available. Based on other kites from this artist, I'm sure it will be a beautiful, excellent flying kite.

Here is an update about the Mardi Gras Parade.  It is a train of 27 kites, each having five foot link lines between each kite. Nancy is disappointed that she could not do a decoration on every kite. There wasn't enough time. She wrote that the MKS has quite a few good sewers who might just decide to add their own finishing touches to the plain kites in the train. She is including a couple of the original drawings she made to do the decorated kites, in case someone would like a pattern. There is also a bag of confetti with the hope that these "bits" will inspire creativity along with time to act on it.  It should arrive next week. Pictures will be posted as soon as possible.  For an idea of the kite size, the box the kites are shipped in is 26" x 26" x 10" deep.

click on the picture to start slideshow

Mari Gras Parade Kite Train

From 2011-02-23
 click on the picture to see a larger one, easier to read

Donated by Ken Runke
George Peters Buzz Bee kite  NEW  $85
Collectible plate with a kite theme
Chinese Tiger Kite  NEW  $70
This is a BIG kite. Height: 18 ft   Width: 4.5 ft
New Tech Humpty Dumpty Kite  NEW  $39
Mystery Box  (Kirin Dragon Kite) NEW $49

Donated by Barb Meyer
Received a number of items, including a new Barb Meyer Barndoor kite with a matching fuzzy tail!

Barn door Kite with matching fuzzy tail and bag  NEW
Height 57" Width 53"
Silk Peacock kite

 Japanese 1998 Calendar

 Japanese 2011 Calendar

 Dragon Kite

 2 Sled Bags
These bags were designed to be used for making sled kites. Each bag makes two kites.

 How Make a Sled Kite VHS tape

 Shirts from the 2009 AKA Convention in Rochester, MN
2 T-shirts w/ AKA pins, 1 Golf shirt

 T-Shirt from 2008 Fort Worden Kitemakers
 T-Shirt from the 2008 Westport Windriders Festival

 Miniature Kite Sticks/Wands

Donated by Stephen Zimba
Stephen donated a large part of his kite collection.

Kite winders, Kite line and some kite making supplies

Large Delta Kite w/ kite bag
Height 5' 8"   Width 12 ft
 Some fighter style flat kites

 Large Dual Line Kite
Height 4'  Width 8' 4"

Needs a top spar and stand offs
 Large Bird Delta w/ kite bag
Height 4'  Width 10'

 Owl Delta Conye Kite
Height 38"  Width 82"

missing and broken spars
 Blue Delta Kite w/ Yellow tail
Height 3' 10"  Width 4' 6"

complete, needs some repair
 Blue, White and Black Delta Kite
Height 55"  Width 93"

 White Bird Delta w/ Black Keel
Height 48"  Width 80"

sail only, needs spars
 Yellow Bird Delta
Height 39"  Width 79"

White Bird Delta

 Large Owl Delta Conye Kite
Height 5' 6"   Width 10' 6"

complete, small broken spar, flies good
Two dual line stunt kites w/ Plastic kite bag

Here is how the Large Owl looks in the sky...

Donated by Brad Klages
Brad donated a 9ft Delta Conye Kite. Very nice kite, well made.

Brad also donated a bundle of bamboo frames for chinese sparrow kites, like those flown at Wishes for the Sky. (Tom not included... unless the bid is really good.)

Also donated is a Hudson Hot Air Affair sponsor mug from this year's event.

Donated by Jason Cross
Jason donated a number of items, including a make-it-yourself Rok kit.

Make-it-yourself Rok Kit   NEW  $25

Link to additional information about this kit
Gayla Scooby Doo Delta Kite,
Frog Kite Tail and Kite Line

Donated by JoAnn Weber
Received a variety of items, including kite making supplies, a kite reel and several kites

A Beautiful Japanese Poster Edo style kite.

Hyperkite Star Cruiser stack of 3 NEW
Small spinning windsock

Centipede Kite

Kite is in decent shape, but does need some repair to the front panel that some transparent tape to the back will fix.
Hand painted, paper, diamond kite

Dual-Line Stunt Kite

Vintage Hi-Flier Plastic Delta kite

Rainbow Diamond Kite

Racing Tie for the NASCAR fan in everyone

Assorted Bonded Thread  NEW
4 oz spools

George Maurer Music CDs

Set of coasters

Drachen Foundation Apron and a small windsock

 Kite making supplies, Kite line, Wind Wand w/ Ribbon

 Umbrella Hat

 2 Spin bowls and a Spin Sock

 Wind Chime and a Kite Making book

 Lightweight Flag   NEW

 Windsock and a Kite Tail

 Plastic Butterfly Kite

 Cellophane Cell Kite

 Lake Harriet Hat & Scarf  and a St John's Bay Hat/Hood

 Jalbert Parafoil Kite  J-7.5   Looks like new!


 Art Set  NEW

 '99 Kites on Ice Sponsor Kite (Sail only)
6 ft high.  Needs spar pockets and spars.
Have a bridle for it, needs bow lines.
 '99 Kites on Ice Sponsor Kite (Sail only)
6 ft high. Needs spar pockets and spars.
Have a bridle for it, needs bow lines.
 Lots of Velcro Strips!  Great for spar pockets or use them to keep your banners, flags and kites bound neatly at the end of the day.

 Kite Themed Puffs Tissues

 Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom Dragon Kite

 Large Art Calendar

 Really nice Kite Winder

Assorted Kite Sticks

Donated by Dean Murray
Dean donated several kites, including two new Grandmaster fighter kites and a few commercial kites.

Grandmaster Fighter Kites

These are awesome fighter kites made in the 80's. Each kite is hand made, hand painted and signed by the artist. They retailed for about $15 each back then. Today they sell for $24-$34 each plus S/H on their website. They are 30 years old but never flown and still in the original package.

Click here for more information about Grandmaster kites.

Three good kid kites.
There is a Daredevil Stunt Plane kite which includes a guy with a parachute that can be dropped.

Also a treasure chest kite and a pokeman kite.

Other auction items from previous years
  • Large Kite Reel w/ line
  • DVD -- by HQ,  Power Kites - Snow Kite School