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08/18/2011 - StarTribune story about Kiting

Sometime in late June or early July the MKS was contacted by a reporter from the Minneapolis StarTribune asking about kites. He was working on a story about kiting as a hobby.  A few MKS members met with the reporter and flew some kites. They took pictures and video and talked with the reporter about kites.

The story was published in the StarTribune's Thursday, August 18th edition. Check it out!

Following are the stories from the StarTribune website. The first includes a video. Below the web versions are links to an attached pdf file of the newspaper print version of the story.  There is also a picture of Barb Meyer flying one of her Double DC kites taken by David Brewster for the story.

Thank you to Bill Ward and David Brewster for the story! It's great to see kiting in the news and the story also helped get the word out about the MKS Flying Colors Kite Festival.

Web Version & Video - The Pull of Kites

Kite Myths Won't Fly Story - Web

Barb Meyer flying a Double Delta Conye kite she created. Picture taken by David Brewster for the Star Tribune.
Photograph by David Brewster for the StarTribune.  Barb Meyer flying one of her Double Delta Conyne kites.

Attached is a pdf document of the newspaper story. Click on the view or download link to see it.
Dean Murray,
Aug 26, 2011, 8:48 AM