How To Use Cooliris Viewer

Some of our Past Event pages have the Liveshare picture viewer by cooliris.

It's an easy to use viewer but here are some tips on how to use it if needed.

This is what the initial picture wall looks like on the webpage.

You can click and hold the blue bar in the middle to move the picture wall to the left or right.  You can also just click and hold on the wall and drag the wall in either direction.

In the bottom right corner is the full screen icon. If you click on this the wall will expand to full screen. From full screen mode if you click on the bottom right again you will return to normal view.

On the left side halfway up and on the right side halfway up are a "<" or ">" arrow. On the picture wall if you click on these the wall will move in that direction. If you click and hold on the arrow the wall will scroll fast in that direction.

While on the main picture wall, if you click on an individual picture that picture will display. In the picture mode on the bottom of the screen is a left arrow you can click on for the previous picture. There is also a right arrow for next picture and there is a screen icon that you can click on to start a slide show. To end the slide show just click on the screen icon again.  On the photo in the upper right are some icons to close the photo, link to the picture source, share the picture on facebook or twitter.

If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use that to zoom in and out of the picture or the picture wall depending on which mode you are in.