Why You Should Join Our Club

The Minnesota Kite Society is dedicated to the promotion of kite flying throughout the State of Minnesota. The Minnesota Kite Society (MKS) is non-profit, non-discriminatory, all volunteer, and dedicated to widening the base of kite flying by providing information, assistance, and direction to interested parties.

MKS puts on kite flying events and kite building workshops helping to bring people into kiting. Kite flys are open to the public. All are welcome.

Flying kites has changed over the years. It's a great family activity. There are many kinds of kites, something for everyone. The traditional single line kites, fancy show kites, duel-line and quad-line sport kites, fighters, traction/power kites. Kites can range from a couple dollars at the department store to several thousand dollars for the giant show kites.

KITE FLYING IS FUN! Come fly with us!

Learn more About MKS here, check out some of the upcoming events, or find out how to become a member of the MN Kite Society.

Tips for Safe and Courteous Kite Flying

    • Never fly a kite near power lines. Never fly a kite in the rain. (Avoid potential electrical hazards to prevent shocks!)

    • Never fly a stunt kite above people's heads or in an unsafe or reckless manner. (You could hurt yourself or someone else.)

    • Always be aware of where people are and where other's kites are when you are flying your kite.

    • Always follow the instructions before assembling and flying a kite. (You will have a safer and more enjoyable time flying it.)

    • If your flying line tangles with some else's line, walk towards that person to untangle them. (It's easier and it works!)