Are you interested in making a Fled Kite?

Post date: Nov 6, 2011 3:01:51 PM

Thank you for your response! We will be having our workshop on December 3rd. We currently have 6 people which should give us a full room. We'll take pictures and hope to have more of these kinds of events in the future.

Ken Wilkowski and Dean Murray want to get together to make Fled kites. We're wondering if there are other folks that would like to join us and make a Fled of their own. This would be an adhoc workshop. Ken has a location we can use in Crystal, MN. We will be making the fled described in the on-line workshop on forum. Here is a link to the on-line workshop.

If you would like to make a kite with us please complete the following information. Tell us what day(s) work for you and how to get in contact with you. We do not have an instructor, it will be rookie kitemakers getting together to have some fun. Experienced kitemakers are welcome too!

If you have another project you are working on and would like to join us that's cool too. Participants will need their own sewing machine. Dean is going to make patterns for the Fled we can use to cut our fabric.

We are looking at 3 dates, Nov 25th, Nov 26th, or Dec 3rd. Sorry about the short notice. We're hoping that in the future we can plan out more MKS workshops. Location is in the Twin Cities, most likely in Crystal, MN.

If you would like us to order a Fled Kite Kit from kitebuilder for you please let us know asap. Kite builder sells them for $50 + S/H. If we combine orders we can reduce shipping cost. You can order directly or supply your own sticks, etc. The kit contains everything to complete the kite except fabric. Ken and Dean have fabric, if there is enough depends on how many people reply and what color choices you need. Here is a material list.


Ken and Dean