April is National Kite Month! Go Fly A Kite! ;-)

Post date: Apr 2, 2019 3:15:06 PM

National Kite Month – Let’s Celebrate!!!

What is National Kite Month?

Every year in April Kite enthusiasts across North America celebrate the history and the future of the world’s favorite pastime by letting their kites fly. It is a month to celebrate the joy and happiness that comes from letting out the line, letting your kite catch the wind, and letting that kite soar high into the sky.

Why April?

April was chosen as National Kite Month because it was the month that perfectly symbolized hope, potential, and joy. As the first month in Spring, it is when most kite fliers are starting to bring their kites out of the closet and prepare for a summer on the beach. It is the month that while we spring clean and dust off the cobwebs, we can look fondly back on the memories of the year before while looking towards a bright future. April is also the month that we see the last of the snow giving way to green lawns, a month that we are eager to get outside and be active. So why not do it with a kite this year?

Who Runs National Kite Month?

NKM is organized by the American Kitefliers Association (AKA). Volunteers work to help promote kite flying throughout the year and during NKM

What Can I do?

Go fly a kite. Seriously, GO FLY A KITE! That is the best part about celebrating National Kite Month, it is really easy to celebrate! A few other suggestions can be found throughout this page, but the more you fly a kite the more you are celebrating! So fly a kite, fly a kite often, and get those around you to fly kites with you!

Click here to go to the National Kite Month website!

* Note: The above story is from the National Kite Month website homepage. All credit goes to them. Follow the link and check it out.