Fun Video to Watch

Post date: Nov 9, 2012 1:50:08 PM

Thanks to Tom Cross for sharing this video. It's in Japanese but is still interesting to watch if you don't understand what is being said.

Here is the translated description:

Kite was introduced in the mid-Edo period Edo, Osaka from Kyoto was intended mainly plain semi-circular. Required then, in Edo ukiyo-e woodblock prints epidemic, that want to improve the picture in the sky one piece of Ukiyo-e from the ordinary people are said to desire goes out, a rectangular kite painting is said to have occurred. Established itself as a unique kite Edo, to the end of the Edo period, the kite painting warrior picture and actor, was put on the back-bone "wound" was cut into pieces of my Japanese paper bamboo, has been passed down to the present. Teizo Mr. Hashimoto was born Kurumazaka Shitaya district (now, 2-chome Higashi) in 1904. In catchpenny teacher, Mr. Tomekichi father had also made ​​kites as well as fanり. Under his father is Mr. Teizo, including kite making in earnest at the age of 13, he had been manufactured in the traditional techniques. In the main square kite, kite Hashimoto's that process is the order of the external thread → frame → put → color → stick figure drawing paper, drawing kite is the most important work. When the kite soared into the sky Its features , picture so you can see vividly, take the center large face, show brave to draw a beard and bottles, details such as Equipment hands and rough out, bright in the entire it is to the coloring. Edo kite craftsmen, but woven throughout, including Asakusa Shitaya was once the last person Mr. Hashimoto Taito. Hashimoto passed away November 18, 1991.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3