Two Hata kites made and signed by Seikoo Nakamura being auctioned.

Post date: Nov 9, 2012 2:42:38 PM

MKS received the following email from Jim Kunzman from the St. Paul Nagasaki Sister City Committee. If any of our members would like to checkout the silent auction here is a link to their website with ticket information.

Here is a link to some photos of the Nakamura's visit to the Twin Cities in 2001.

I'm with the St. Paul Nagasaki Sister City Committee and have met some of you in the past when Seikoo Nakamura and his wife came to town about ten years ago for a visit and exhibitions.

I'm writing to tell you that on Saturday, December 1, we will hold our annual meeting and have a silent auction that is open to the public. In the auction will be two hata kites made and signed by Seikoo Nakamura. He presented them to me about ten years ago. They are made with bamboo, cut paper and handmade paper, and are single string. They are more suitable for display than flying. I'd be happy to send photos to you if you provide me an email address. If any of you are interested in attending our meeting and auction, please see our website, and click on Annual Meeting for details and to order tickets. The bidding for each of these kites will start at $50.

Here are some pictures of the kites Mr. Kunzman sent us. Click on the photo for a larger pic.