MKS Annual Meeting and Auction on Saturday, February 23rd

Post date: Feb 17, 2013 5:06:03 PM

        • Saturday, February 23, 2013

        • 3:00pm

          • Caspers Cherokee Of Eagan

          • For MKS members only. This is our annual business meeting, banquet and auction. We'll review the year, elect a new board and have our annual auction. If you have items to donate for the auction please bring them with. If you cannot attend but have auction items please contact Dean Murray at

          • We'll be there to setup around 3pm. Social hour to start when you get there!

          • Official Agenda is:

              • Social/Silent Auction 5:00pm - 6:00pm

              • Dinner 6:00pm

              • Annual Meeting 7:00pm

              • Live Auction 7:30pm - ?

Here is a preview of some the great items donated for the auction. All donations are welcome! This is our largest fund raiser for events like Flying Colors.

If you are donating an item that you are bringing to the Annual Meeting please send a picture and description to so it can be added to the web page.

These are the items so far.

Gomberg Kite Productions, International has donated a 50% off certificate.

This certificate is good for an order placed on their G-Kites website. The order must be placed before June 30, 2013. 50% will be deducted from the pre-shipping total of the order. Discount applies to online orders placed at Does not apply to WindFeather Banners and cannot be combined with other discounts - including the AKA discount. A shipping charge of $10 will be applied to orders over $80.

Nancy Lockwood is donating three items. Two bird kites - Blue Jay and Goldfinch, plus a Reza kite. Nancy's kites are wonderful and are always among the top earning auction items. Looking forward to seeing this year's items.

Here is the story about the Reza kite that Brad received from Nancy. After reading it, this sounds like it might be a very special kite.

Would anyone in MKS like a challenge ? The story goes like this:

Gene Lewandowski ( who just passed away on the 26th - funeral Saturday) gave me a kite last July. Someone gave it to him. It needs a couple spars and a pair of "really long tails". It was made by Reza and is signed by him, possibly the first of a design. Trouble is, I have not been able to find any photos of this kite with the tails. But calculating the length of the kite itself ( about 5 feet long), and the fact that it is very narrow in the main body, my guess would be about 40 feet long tails to accurately balance it. Probably in colors similar to the kite itself, maybe in wedges or bars. OR, SINCE THE SKY'S THE LIMIT AND WHO OWNS IT HAS SAY, ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO. It's a man sort of figure, with a cross bar section - one of which has no spar in it. The tails would be legs.

See pictures of Nancy's bird kites and the Reza Spirit Man kite in the slideshow below.

Jim Ogland has donated 5 or 6 kites for the auction. Description of them is not available so come to the auction and check them out,

Revolution Kites sent us some Revolution T-Shirts for the auction.

Pam Hodges is making a Pan Flute kite for the auction. Pam's kite looks great! Check it out in the slideshow below.

Ken Runke is donating some great items. Including:

  • An awesome cellular kite

  • A 3D Double Plum rotating kite

  • A Prism Micron stunt kite

  • A Beautiful Butterfly Banner

  • A Wonder Wacky Worm windsock

  • A 10ft Rainbow spinning windsock

  • Line winders

  • MYSTERY BOX! -- These are always really nice!

Dean Murray has donated

  • A MKS 4ft Banner

  • New Tech Fan Kite by Robert Brasington

  • Kite sun catcher

  • Prism Kites T-Shirt

  • Framed Golf Print

2013 MKS Auction Donations

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